Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Application Performance Management

I have been working on a topic for the Miami Java User Group. Lately, I have been doing a great deal of performance and scalability for my projects. Thanks to my friend Edson Cimionatto, he let me borrow the Apress' Pro Java EE 5 by Steven Haines. It is a nice book and I have been reading part of the chapters, so today I reviewed some of my notes. Looking back there are four things that really cought my attention:
  1. Have SLAs
  2. Performance applies the rule of "better to do it from the start" or "earlier is cheaper"
  3. Have a set of tools to diagnose the application (memory, code profiling, and code coverage)
  4. There is a "culture" aspect on tackling performance. Not only you need to do tests, and have a decent architecture, but you have to be willing to be relentless on keep the performance metrics (SLAs)

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