Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Error svn: Can't create directory in Subversion SVN

I created a respository in svn by doing the following:
svnadmin create clientconnector

But when I tried to connect and create the infrastructure (branches, tags, trunk), I got the following error:

I knew that I need to check the permissions of my connections. Now, I'm using Apache to handle all my repository permissions.

This can be found in the following section:

Where all my user's information is stored in the /etc/svn-auth-conf file.

When I checked the directory for my repositories: /data/svn I noticed the following:

The problem is the group. By doing the following I was able to solved the problem with the privileges.

chown -R apache.apache clientconnector

You shouldn't have to restart your apache server, but in case that this doesn't work, restart apache by doing: service httpd restart

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