Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hudson CI

I love the whole concept of Continuous Integration (CI). My first interaction with CI was using Cruise Control along with a team of Thought Works (great guys!). However, I noticed that the configuration is all XML and it could be cumbersome. In my previous project, only a few individuals really know how to configure it.

I have been slacking on using CI (not proud of it) for two reasons:
1. I only have two programmers and they are here in Miami. Most of the time they pair programed together.
2. I didn't want to bring the pain of XML into the company.

However, I just acquired a new programmer and he is located in Mexico. I have also noticed broken builds due to items not being checked, some broken unit tests, etc. Perfect candidates for CI. Last week, I decided that instead of calling the programmers and asked them to solve the problem, I would install a CI server but not Cruise Control. I have heard a lot of great things from Hudson. Today I just finished the installation. Really nice and easy. Now, I need to finished the configuration with the deployment, SVN, and other few items. But, I'm really exited to be back into the CI world. My team should be more effective and hopefully we can increase the amount of deployments. It was wrong for me of not using CI from the beginning. Even if we would have implemented Cruise Control we would be better than today.

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