Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mBlox needs to get with it - give up your IM

I have been working with mBlox for quiet some time. We had our rough times, but as of now I've been happy. The only thing that I don't like is that I don't have anyones IM. I once asked my sells rep if I could just have his MSN, Yahoo!, or Skype and he just did not answered. I can always call my sales rep at his office or cell phone, but sometimes I just need to know from someone technical if everything is ok.

The other day I had to look for another SMSC aggregator since mBlox does not have Cricket Wireless. I end-up doing business with Motricity. The first thing that they provided was IM for their technical team and business reps. I'm thinking this is just nothing but customer service. Why would mBlox do this? Something so simple, should be provided. It has been a while since I have a problem with mBlox, but when I do I have to open a ticket. When I have a problem with Motricity, I just IM one of the technical guys or my sales rep. Yes, it's all about customer service.

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