Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Software Architecture and Management

Business should understand the risks that are involved when you put speed in front of architecture. I worked on a project that was considered such a cash cow that they rush to get the application out without considering the architecture. When it was deployed, soon we noticed several problems:
  • Complexity - it took a long time to fix problems due to the fact that we did not had a domain model and the business rules where scared throughout the code
  • Poor performance - the application was slow
  • Scalability - we had to invest a lot of money in hardware because the application was not scaling to the amount of users
Ultimately, the team had to explain to the business why we had to take a long time re-factoring the code. Not only we jeopardize architecture over speed, but we missed to explain the causes and effects of this decision. I stumbled on a book in Barnes and Noble named: 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know. If the team would have applied some of the followings, the project would have been such a great success:
All these items are very true indeed and I am taking them in consideration in my current and future projects. Eventually the company was hit hard with the US recession and Miami's Real-estate. The entire team was laid off.

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